Pedal Power: Energy Generating Workstation

I embrace creative ideas for active and productive workstations.  Every since I started walking and working on my DIY treadmill desk, people have jokingly asked when I would start generating the power for my computer with my walking.  Well, I haven’t conquered that idea yet but some creative guys in upstate New York have come up with a way to harness pedal power.  Specifically they have created the “Big Rig” and the “Pedal Genny.”

pedal power big rigI first read about the concept on Mashable.  The Pedal Power website contains a great video demonstrating different applications of the product and much more information about the design and implementation.  The concept is to use pedal power with an array of tools for various applications.  The video shows an adult male powering a laptop and a cell phone with a potential 100W of pedal power.  Other applications included an air compressor, water pump, grain mill, hydraulic log splitter, and even a pretty crazy looking blender.

I won’t be switching over to a pedal-based workstation anytime soon but I love the work these guys are doing.  People are filled with amazing and creative solutions and ideas.  You can check out the Pedal Power website here.

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