Cats Don’t Like Treadmill Desks

This is just for fun…  I thought this video of a cat playing with a treadmill was fun.  Sure it isn’t a treadmill desk, but everyone enjoys a good video of a cat.  Keep walking and working my friends…but stop and laugh and smile some too.

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Cats Don’t Like Treadmill Desks — 3 Comments

  1. Jon,

    Thanks for all your articles and videos. :))

    I’m going to build a treadmill desk.

    I taught all four of my cats (and my dog) to walk on my treadmill.

    Teaching the dog was quick and easy (it took only a couple of short, easy sessions with him — and he’s 13 years old!!!)

    The cats (each 5-6 years old) all took quite a bit longer, so be very, very patient with them. Some catch on much quicker than others. The cats are very smart, but VERY cautious about learning new things. However, gently insist that ALL of them learn to do it so that each of them gets some “quality-time” with you each day. Use only positive reinforcement, and lots of praise and petting, in-between training sessions!!!

    It took about four weeks of about 3-4 minutes per session per cat; and about three sessions per cat per day. At first, support each animal lightly under their belly with both hands while they walk (you are in effect their “training-wheels), until they get the hang of being on a moving surface. (Watch out for their hind feet claws!!! Trim their nails!!! You have been fore-warned!!! I have the scars and scratches to prove it!!! Luckily, they will each very quickly quit being defensive, and they will get down to learning to actually walk on the treadmill!!!)

    Soon you will no longer have to try and find them for their training sessions — that is, AFTER they realize just how much fun it really is for them.

    Soon they will come and find you, and lead you to the treadmill to start it for them. My cats have decided on their own that they really like to walk on the treadmill two-abreast. (Their preferred speed seems to be 0.8 to 1.2 MPH.) Who has trained who???

    Once they get used to walking on the treadmill, you can just see their self-confidence and attitude sky-rocket at the fabulous new skill that they have acquired; and the skies’-the-limit!!!

    It’s a HOOT!!! :))


    • Wow Mike! Do you have videos posted anywhere of your cats and dog walking on the treadmill? I would love to see that!

      • Hi Jon,

        A good digital video camera (with sound)is in my near term budget, so I don’t have any videos of the kritters on the treadmill at the present time. However, I will make sure that I forward a video to you as soon as possible.