How Not To Use A Treadmill Desk

I stumbled across this video that is the perfect summary of all misconceptions about working at a treadmill desk:

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The Fox News anchor and the producer both completely missed the point of a treadmill desk.  (Makes you wonder what else they miss.)  Who got it right?  The lawyer.  I’m guessing that Steve Bordley (the CEO of TrekDesk) was able to accurately explain the whole treadmill desk concept to anyone who was paying attention.  I’m pretty sure I can even see Mr. Bordley cringe as the Fox News anchor fires up the treadmill for a full out run.  Hopefully the average viewer could see that the lawyer fully understood what was going on.

I think the TrekDesk is an incredible product!  The TrekDesk is actually what started my path to a DIY Treadmill Desk.  It popped up on sale on Amazon over the holidays and was sold out before I could even figure out what it was.  The idea seemed brilliant, but I couldn’t afford the $479 price tag.  Especially for something I wasn’t sure would work for me.  So I built my own DIY Treadmill Desk for less than $150 and LOVE it!

How do I work at a DIY treadmill desk?  I started at 1mph and spent the day adjusting to the movement of working while I stroll.  Now I work at a pace of anywhere from 1.5mph to 2mph with a typical incline of 2.0.  (I’m writing this post at 1.5mph and a 1.5 incline.)  I built enough space onto my work platform for my wrists to comfortably rest which stabilizes my hands while I type and use the mouse.

I’m guessing TrekDesk isn’t hurting for business.  This little site of mine gets a surprising amount of search traffic everyday.  (My original post at my blog still gets a ton of daily search traffic too.)  There are a lot of people wanting to learn more about treadmill desks and I am guessing a good number of them would be interested in buying a professional looking solution like the TrekDesk.  It’s a wide open market as companies begin to explore the idea of letting employees walk and work.

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